Random Tuesday Thoughts: I survived the holidays!

Posted On January 5, 2010

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It’s Tuesday, its not a holiday.  I feel safe again…  Go see Keely for some non-holiday cheer!

* According to the Wii Fit, my BeautifulPeople.com account should be cancelled.  Its sites like this that make sure that our teens have no self-esteem.  I hope they are proud of themselves and their plastic surgeons.

* There have been so many holiday parties and craziness going on.  I am so glad that they are over.  I just can’t believe that I actually survived.  Between food allergies and everything else, I normally don’t eat a whole lot during the holiday season.  I usually survive on snack packs of granola that I made for myself before we leave the house.  This year, everyone was really kind and made sure that the food was safe for me to eat.  I ate more holiday food than I have since I was a kid.  I am so sick of it now, I hope I don’t see holiday food for several years!

* We just got Netflix back.  So we will be watching disk 2 of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends this weekend.  I am looking forward to hunkering down with the kids to watch some silly cartoons.

8 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: I survived the holidays!”

  1. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I argue with my WiiFit all the time. I was giggling over your previous post about not being able to select PMS as an ‘excuse’. They really should add that in.

    How cool all the parties you went to had holiday food that wouldn’t kill you! 🙂

    I love watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends with Princess Nagger – might have to get those from Netflix, too and have a FHIF marathon. 😉

  2. Mama Badger

    We love Foster’s Home. “Hola, Azul!” Tee hee hee.

    I like the beautiful people website. That way nice people know who to avoid at the bar…

  3. Harriet

    I haven’t gotten past Wii bowling yet.

    Have a great Random Tuesday.

  4. Niky @ Design It Chic

    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends RULZZZZ!!!! I LOVE BLU’!
    Also these holidays I’ve been eating just soup and drink still water.. the stomach played tricks on me and I’m on antibiotics now.. it sucks!!!
    Anyway.. Happy Tuesday and here’s my
    Randomness today!

  5. Sprite's Keeper

    I have got to check out that show. Everyone raves about it!

  6. Julie From Momspective (W/Linky)

    Holy Matrimony, you DO hate the Wii Fit. I’d go for EA Sports Active then. It’s a serious workout. For some reason, I feel responsible.

  7. stepmumoftheyear

    Heh. I’ve got one answer for abusive appliances.

    Switch them off. No arguments, no excuses.

    You’ve gotta show them who’s boss!

  8. Kathi

    AMEN! on the holidays/food/craziness!! if i ever see another cookie i am gonna hurl!! alas, tho, i still owe a few cookie batches, so must get back to the oven.. *sigh* i sort of resent being forced to celebrate a holiday that i dont believe in-i’d MUCH prefer if people paid attention to the Solstice or a blue moon or something Real and natural.. but-if ya cant beat em, ya pretend to join em so nobody is unhappy.. man-the sacrifices we heathens make..[LOL!]
    onward thru the dark long winter-not so bad this year because our HUGE snowy owl is BACK!! i can spend my time watching HIM rather than listen to the incessant babble of commercialism and greed-now THAT is a celebration for ME.
    Go Well people! esp bear & the clan! this is gonna be YOUR YEAR! [just a feeling]

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