World Domination

Posted On January 6, 2010

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The Tyrant and The Show have dreams of being dictators one day.  They have different plans about how they will conquer the world.  They even draw out plans for torture devices so that they can achieve their reign of terror.  (I know, I am demented because I think it is cute.)

When we pass police cars on the side of the road, they will open the car windows and shout “World Domination” before ducking down in the back seat.  It is the one thing that they do together without arguing.  (If you saw how much these two argued, you would realize the magnitude of that statement….)  One of their many schemes involved poisoning drinking water and selling the antidote to people who obeyed them.  Another involved taking over a small country by showing them magic.  I think our house is bug though…  This was latest scheme.  An exercise cult is what they called it but, the idea is the same.  Sorry ladies… I guess this plan will fail.

6 Responses to “World Domination”

  1. Bear

    Not every kid wants to be Superman…some want to be Lex Luthor!

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar

    So funny!
    It’s amazing what kids can get away with when they’re getting along; we’re so grateful they’re not fighting. I used to let my 7 year old (now 15) play the war video games with her 14 year old brother (which HE couldn’t even play till he was at least 12) because I was so happy he was spending time with her and being good to her. She doesn’t seem too damaged, but only time will tell.

  3. Casey

    I think world domination is a lofty but totally achievable goal. And that’s hilarious about them yelling at the cops then hiding.

  4. stepmumoftheyear

    I love how you find it cute! Like you, I’m happy with ANYTHING my stepboys are doing as long as they aren’t fighting or disrespecting me.

    Except beating up on the PS3 iPet, of course. That made me cry!

  5. Kimberly Hosey (AZ Writer)

    That’s pretty funny, actually.

    “It is the one thing that they do together without arguing.” Love that.

  6. Kathi

    who in the HAYL wants to run THIS mess?? only a KID would want that huge hassle!! [lol!]
    i say they cant really do any worse..
    the kids got MY vote!!

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