Posted On January 25, 2010

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Over the past few weeks, we have seen a woman standing on the side of the exit ramp near our house.  She is carrying a sign that says “Husband laid off from the big three.  Small children at home, please help.”  Personally, I have never give her money.  But, I did give her a flyer for the local food bank.  There are so many people laid off, it really is hard to tell if this story is legitamate. 

Now, if I saw this guy…  I would know it is a scam.

3 Responses to “Recession”

  1. kirsty815

    Ha you have to admit he was creative about asking for money! On a serious note I did give a few bucks one time to a guy who looked pitiful, but I told him that we weren’t well off and that the money would have gone towards food for my daughter and to please use it wisely. Hopefully he listened! I’m much more likely to give to a food bank or a homeless shelter though as then you know the funds aren’t being used to support an addiction.

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Yeah, definite scam. Zombies maybe, but ninjas? That is so nineties!

  3. Mama Badger

    That’s a tough one. I don’t usually give to people on the street (we have too damn many right now), but I always feel bad for them. I mean, really, who would sit by the side of the road if they didn’t have to?

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