“Choosy Eater”* Recipes

Posted On January 28, 2010

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I have been scoring the internet for recipes that everyone in our house will eat.  This is harder than it sounds because we have a few things that some people just won’t eat. 

1) Onions

2) Potatoes (Yes, I seriously have a child who will not eat potatoes.  This includes fries and chips)

3) Rice

4) Mushrooms

5) Beef (I am allergic, it’s not that I don’t like it. )

Here is the list of things that Kraft recommends.  Only one thing on the list is something that everyone will eat.  So, apparently, they think “choosy” means something different from it does in my house….

Anyone have some good ideas?

*- Apparently, it is no longer politically correct to call them picky…

2 Responses to ““Choosy Eater”* Recipes”

  1. jwoap

    Try these- they work at my house. And really what you don’t tell them won’t kill them.

    (add whatever veggies they will eat)
    (I love this)
    (girl this is better than sex)
    We also love Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches with chicken noodle soup, or tomato soup.
    Corn Dogs
    Homemade Chicken Nuggets
    Lasagna without using beef, use ground pork sausage.

    I have a shit load let me know and I can send more.

    Been reading you for a long time, just never commented.

  2. cassee01

    Take two or three chx breasts or more if you have a big pot and cook in boiling water for approx 20-30 minutes. Remove chx and then tear it up into shreds or cut in small pieces – your choice.
    Using Bisquick or similar type product make the dough for dumplings – Bisquick has the recipe on the box I think it was 2 2/3 cup bisquick and 2 1/4 cup milk but check the back of the box to be sure
    Add chx and a family size can of cream of chx soup to the water you boiled the chx in and bring to a boil.
    Drop spoonfuls of the dough/batter into the boiling water however many you made – reduce heat and cook uncovered for 10 minutes and then cover and cook for 10 more minutes. Voila!

    Chx and Noodles
    1 bag of wide egg noodles.
    1 family size can of creme chx soup
    Chx breast (3-4)

    Bake chix or boil your choice
    Cook egg noodles as directed (takes about 11 minutes)
    Shred chx or cut up into pieces
    Drain noodles
    Add soup and chx to noodles after draining and stir together

    Fix rigatoni and directed
    Fry and drain pound of burger
    Mix burger and spaghetti sauce of choice (I like Prego)
    In casserole pan, cover bottom with thin layer of sauce only – you have to save a little bit before you mix with burger
    then layer noodles on top and then cover with burger, sauce mix and then cover with mozzarella cheese shreded and bake for about 15 minutes

    Easy Chili
    Buy the chili o mix
    Recipe on back just follow directions – I usually make 2 packs
    Add 1 can of spicy v8 juice

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