The other night, I am making dinner, when my cell phone goes off…

[These are all text messages…]

The Mother Hen: Hey [WickedStepMom]!

WickedStepMom: Yeah?

The Mother Hen: This is not, [The Mother Hen], its [The Show].

WickedStepMom: Oh… hi!

The Show: Whatcha doing?

WickedStepMom: Making dinner.

The Show: Oh…

WickedStepMom: We should skip dinner and just have ice cream.

The Show: No kidding!!  Let’s do it!

WickedStepMom: Okay, you go to the store and buy it, I will wait here.

The Show: Darn it..  I am broke.

2 Responses to “Technology”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Please tell me there is a happy ending and it involves ice cream.

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar

    It’s so funny when they use their technology for not-quite-good usage. My girls will answer my texts from their siblings when I’m driving and can’t do it. Except they say nasty things that I would never say. Luckily, the one receiving these messages realizes my phone’s been hijacked pretty quickly, but sometimes they’re a little shocked before they do.

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