Random Tuesday Thoughts: My head hurts


It’s Tuesday again.  People make my head hurt, with their stupidity.  Go see Keely who only makes people’s heads hurt with large hammers and ice picks.

* The other day, I was returning bottles at the grocery store.  (I don’t think this is something that they do in all states, but here we pay a 10 cent deposit on bottles and can,  and get it back when we return them.)  There was a lady standing by the entrance handing out flyers.  Several people took the flyers and then threw them on the ground.  After watching this several times, curiosity got the better of me. So, I looked at the flyer.  It was a Goodfellows reminder notice that their food drive ends this week…

* Bell ringers are out in force.  Every time we see one, we always give the girls some change to add to the bucket.  It is not much, but it is something that we always do.  One little boy watched my girls dropping money into the bucket.  He looked at his mom and said “Can I have some change too?” The mom said, “No, I am not giving money to those people so that they can waste it on drunks.”

* Sunday night, I had the worst migraine that I have had in a long time.  I asked Bear to shoot me.  He wouldn’t.  I am not sure if I am angry with him over that or not…

* After reading this, I wanted Oreos.  I know, I am sick.

* Two days in a row, I found popcorn in our basement all over the floor.  On the second day, I came unglued.  The Tyrant looked at me with her eyes really wide, “I was not even in the basement.”  I nodded to her and said, “I know, honey.”  She nodded and then gasped, “Ut oh…  They made you mad.  What were they thinking?!  You save us from Daddy’s punishments.  Who is going to save them from yours?”

* This coming weekend, we are going to make holiday cookies.  My mother is going to be joining us for the first time.  I think I am going to get her a poncho.  Bear has already threated the put out tarps.

* We got a new tree this year.  It is white, which is very different for us.  It is also 6.5 feet tall.  Our last one topped out at 3 feet.  The Tyrant had to be lifed up so she could reach the top.

* Speaking of the tree trimming.  We have ornaments with pictures of each kid from every year that we have been a Tribe.  Bear handed The Tyrant her picture ornaments and said, “Put yourself on the tree.”  She grins a wicked little grin and wraps her arms around the tree, “Okay, Daddy, I am on the tree.”

Won’t someone think of the trees?

Posted On December 7, 2009

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Over the weekend, we decorated the house.  My winter village has been set up on top of the TV.  Last night, Bear put his keys on top of the TV before bed…


Bear: “Did you see my keys?”

WickedStepMom: “Check the TV.”

Bear: “Found them!”

(As he picks them up, all of the trees from my village fall over.  It was a domino effect that took out all the greenery.)

WickedStepMom:” Tree Killer.”

Not quite whole

Dear Friends and Family,

This year has been filled with a lot of ups and downs.  As you know, The Mother Hen came to live with Bear and I full time.  The Show and The Tyrant still spend 5 days a week with thier mother.  Monday through Friday, it feels like we are not quite whole.  On Friday night, while we are munching on pizza, the world is right again.

All three girls have been doing well in school.  There are some things that they are great at and some things that don’t come easily to them.  But, we are proud of them because they never quite and they work hard at whatever challenges them.  In the past year, it has been The Tyrant who has grown a lot.  She has gained about 6 inches in height.  It is hard to keep her in pants that don’t look like capris.  The Show has joined side line cheerleading for the basketball season.  So far, she seems to really enjoy it.  I think it is all the years of gymnastics that are helping her to shine.  The Mother Hen is still our song bird.  She is very involved in choir and is getting ready for two upcoming concerts. 

Bear and I haven’t changed much.  We are still both working with computers.  We are both healthy and happy.  Moving in together this year has brought a lot of changes for both of us but we are adapting to it well.  The Tribe as a whole is better for it.  We are all eating healthier this year.  We have made it a point to have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies around the house.  It is amazing that we all will go for the fresh fruit before the junk food.

I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy this year!


Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Non-mopey version

I originally wrote this post all mopey and sad.  I was going to write about how we missed the younger two girls.  But, then I remember that is not what we do here at LifeandTimesofaWickedStepMom.  We can be funny, sad, sappy, happy, silly and mean, but never mopey.  So I trashed it.  Your welcome.

* From the back seat, while on the road we here a shout:

The Mother Hen: “DAD!! HELP!!”

Bear: “What’s wrong?!?!”

The Mother Hen: “There is too much room back here.  It feels all empty!”

* For Thanksgiving dinner, we had two different turkeys, prime rib (none for me!), shrimp and scallop kabobs, and the usual fixings.  We had about 1 and a half turkeys left over.  Two different dogs at two different times got into each turkey and ate them.  We knew which ones did it because they had stomach aches for three days.

* Bear’s niece has a set of newborn twins (a boy and a girl).  We got to meet them over the holiday.  While I held them for the first time, I said “We will be just fine, little dudes, as long as you don’t puke on me.”  They stuck thier tongues out at me.  Stinkin’ babies!

* I have yet another sinus infection.  I think I am going to construct a germ free bubble to make it through the rest of the season.  Keep your germs to yourselves and stay out of my bubble.

* Last night, Bear made grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup.  Got to love a man who can make a grilled cheese that is crisped to prefection.  Especially, if he brings it to you on the couch on a try so that you don’t have to move.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Cough, Hack

It’s that time again.  Go see Keely and grab a badge.  Don’t grab mine though.. because I like it and I am not sharing!!

* Last week was parent teacher conferences.  The Mother Hen has a teacher that is highly afraid of germs.  He even wears latex gloves in class so that he does not have to touch his “diseased” students assignments.  Right before I shook his hand, I coughed into my sleeve.  The Mother Hen asked me to do it, but the coughing was actually an accident.  (Asthma strikes again…)  He shook my hand anyway.  The Mother Hen was furious.

* The Show and The Tyrant are staying with their mother this Thanksgiving.  We are still going to head up to Bear’s parents with The Mother Hen.  But, the trip just won’t be the same without someone screaming “She’s touching me!!”  The truth is that they will be dearly missed and we hope they have a wonderful time.

* Bear is making gift giving very difficult this year.  He has been buying presents early and then giving the gifts to them.  He seriously can’t hold on to the gifts for more than a day.  So, I hope the girls like empty boxes of the stuff that they ALREADY opened under the tree.  ::grumble:: I am so hiding presents at someone else’s house.

* To those of you who are on my short list of people who are making me very angry lately, I say this: I have never screwed anyone over who didn’t absolutely beg me to do it.  Stop begging.

* Stay tuned..  my list of things that I am not thankful for are tomorrow.  And Thursday are the things I am truly thankful for.  Enjoy!

Slinging Cookies!

Posted On November 19, 2009

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Last night, I took the Mother Hen with me to sort out cookie dough for the fundraiser for her choir.  I was bouncing around and hustling to get everything done because we were under time pressure.  None of the other moms could keep up with me.

Half way through the night, The Mother Hen stops trying to keep up with me.  “Never helping you again!”  she huffs and puffs.  Finally she sits down and takes a few minutes to catch her breath.  I continue doing my thing, running and jumping around to get things done.  The Mother Hen looks at me, “How are you still running around? I hate you!  I am making Dad come next time!”

All of that exercising has finally paid off…

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Faith

Posted On November 10, 2009

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No, this is not a badly done George Michael remake from Limp Bizkit.  It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Do not make Keely send her Office Manager Ninja after you, you H1N1 Zombie!

* A lot of life is remarkably about faith.  Faith that people will do the right thing, that your kids will be safe at school, and that the bad men can’t get us.  But faith is something that is always in flux and can change based on personal experience. 

A few nights ago a new neighbor was having some car trouble.  Her car wouldn’t start.  Bear and I looked at  each other.  “I will get the jumper cables,” he stated before heading into the house.  I told him I would go and talk to her.  Turns out, she ran out of gas in her haste to get home and get back on the road.  So, I grabbed my gas can and gave her a ride to the gas station.  When I dropped her back off, she tried to give me some money.  I didn’t take it and told her that I would be offended if she tried to offer it again.  So, last night, she brought us over a cheese cake that she made herself.  Consider my faith in people on the higher end of the flux.

* If you are a kid, there is very little scarier than a new school.  I never appreciated this because it was never anything I had to experience.  But experiencing it second-hand is scary enough for me. 

* Bear went grocery shopping this week.  I put apples on the list because they were on sale.  I have thanked him like 5 times for them.  I might be annoying him but the apples are really good and he remembered them for me. So, it makes me smile every time I grab one.

* Both my mom and dad have cell phones.  I will occasionally gets texts that are just to say hi and I love you.  These text messages always brighten my day.  It’s not a substitute for actually talking but it is nice to know that people are thinking about you.

* I am taking the afternoon off today.  Domo will take all my calls… 

Assuming that he does not eat the phone.

Home Remedies

Posted On November 5, 2009

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I have been extremely sick lately.  One sinus infection after the other.  This has prompted people to give me unsolicited advice on how to better take care of myself.  Here are some of my absolute favorites.

1. Put a large clump of Vicks Vaporub in your mouth and swallow it.  Try to hold it in your throat as long as possible before you let it go all the way down.  I honestly asked if this person was insane.  After all, it says right on the bottle, DO NOT EAT!

2. Drink airbourne whenever you are around people who have colds.  Well, I tried this one and it made me burp.  I still got sick though.

3. I have been told two completely different things on exercising.  Either avoid it all together and do nothing more strenious than getting out of bed to pee.  Or exercise as often as possible to sweat the germs out.  I am too scared to try either of these suggestions.  So, I am staying on my regular schedule.

4. Drink Earl Grey tea.  This made me pee a lot but had no effect on my illness or preventing illnesses.

5. Mix vinegar and salt water and gargle with it daily.  I tried this once too but it was so gross, I almost puked.  So, unless the idea is to puke the germs out, I am not going to try this again.

6. Change your clothes atleast three times a day.  Have your entire household do the same.  I change every day but it creates way too much laundry for 5 people to do it.  And since either Bear and I will be doing the laundry, I don’t see how adding more work will have any effect on me getting sick.


What about you guys?  Any remedies or unsolicited advice you recieved lately that can to share here?

V is for Very Cold

We watched the series primere of V last night.  Bear and I were very disappointed that there were no lizard babies.  As a matter of fact, the lizard baby was one of the few reasons that he rewatches the original mini-series.

This morning, it was 32 degrees out.  The Mother Hen went off to the bus stop  with no coat, and no socks.  So, I guess we don’t even get the consolation prize of a lizard baby of our very own.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: We have a winner!

It’s Tuesday…  Things have been way too exciting around here.  Go see Keely for less craziness and no dental horror stories.

* I got a text on Sunday from my mom.  My brother is in the hospital.  ICU to be exact.  He has his wisdom teeth extracted about 4 days ago and now has a massive infection that was causing his airway to be closed off.  The intubated him and sent him for emergency surgery to put some drainage tubes into his mouth and neck.  When I went to see him yesterday, I told him that if he wanted to beat Bear at anything, he should have challenged him to ping-pong…

* The Tyrant won the funniest costume contest at a party over the weekend.  She was “Double Trouble”, half angel and half devil.  She didn’t understand why the adults thought it was funny.  I told her that I would remind her of this when she is a mom and then she would understand. 

* Speaking of The Tyrant…  She fell on Halloween.  Hard.  Really Hard.  And scraped knees up really badly.  She wanted to keep Trick-or-Treating.  So, we did.  She was bleeding and she thought it would make her costume look better.  Later, her tights got stuck to her leg because the blood had dried.  Bear and I soaked her leg but ended up having to pull a little bit off.  I asked him to hold her still and I pulled.  She screamed “Ow!!  You jerks!  You could have warned me!” 

* Bear, my Mom and I all helped the girls with their costumes.  Mom teased hair and put leaves in to make the two zombies look like they had crawled out of the ground.  I did make up to make them look dead.  Bear took care of Double Trouble’s make up.  My Dad laughed and took pictures!

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