Sibling Gift Shopping

Posted On December 14, 2009

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Every year, the girls are charged with buying for each other.  They start asking if they can go shopping right around  Thanksgiving.  So, this past weekend, we went out shopping.  My mom came along for the first time with us and had a great time.  There is nothing like watching the three of them diving between isles, and hiding from each other. 

All in all, it was a successful trip.  My mom, the ultimate Christmas Ninja, helped me to hid presents from the girls.  She use to be able to buy stuff for me while I was with her without me ever knowing.  I am just a ninja apprentice.  I am just learning how to hid stuff from them, while they are there.  One day, I hope to be as good of a ninja as her.


Parenting Blunder # ??

Okay, so I have lost count of the number of parenting mistakes I have made.  But, this is a pretty good one.  At least, it is an amusing one.

The Setup:

Friday night – I found fruit snack wrappers, empty juice boxes and various other food related trash all over the living room. 

Saturday morning – I found pop corn in the basement, left in a bowl on the floor.  I told The Show she could not have food in the basement anymore.

Saturday afternoon – I found popsicle wrappers and fruit snack wrappers on the floor in the living room. I told The Tyrant no more fruit snacks or popsicles in the living room.

The Crime:

Sunday morning – I found popcorn all over the floor and wrapped up in The Show’s blanket, in the basement.

I shouted, “The Show, get down here and clean up your mess now!”

The Show cames downstairs and said something like, “But, but but..”  I used my firm, you are in trouble voice, “I thought I told you no more popcorn in the basement!  I trusted you not to do it.  And you went behind my back”

The Show burst into tears.  “WickedStepMom, I swear after you told me no food in the basement I didn’t have any.  I know that is my blanket but The Mother Hen was down here last night, not me.”

She was right.  She didn’t have food down there and she was only down there for a few minutes.  I am such a jerk…

Not quite whole

Dear Friends and Family,

This year has been filled with a lot of ups and downs.  As you know, The Mother Hen came to live with Bear and I full time.  The Show and The Tyrant still spend 5 days a week with thier mother.  Monday through Friday, it feels like we are not quite whole.  On Friday night, while we are munching on pizza, the world is right again.

All three girls have been doing well in school.  There are some things that they are great at and some things that don’t come easily to them.  But, we are proud of them because they never quite and they work hard at whatever challenges them.  In the past year, it has been The Tyrant who has grown a lot.  She has gained about 6 inches in height.  It is hard to keep her in pants that don’t look like capris.  The Show has joined side line cheerleading for the basketball season.  So far, she seems to really enjoy it.  I think it is all the years of gymnastics that are helping her to shine.  The Mother Hen is still our song bird.  She is very involved in choir and is getting ready for two upcoming concerts. 

Bear and I haven’t changed much.  We are still both working with computers.  We are both healthy and happy.  Moving in together this year has brought a lot of changes for both of us but we are adapting to it well.  The Tribe as a whole is better for it.  We are all eating healthier this year.  We have made it a point to have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies around the house.  It is amazing that we all will go for the fresh fruit before the junk food.

I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy this year!



Posted On December 2, 2009

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This year, I am thankful for many things.  I could write a list a mile long.  But, what I am most thankful for is the daughters of my heart.  I may not have given birth to them and they don’t call me mom.  They teach me so many things and help me to grow in so many ways.

Thank you, my beautiful girls.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Non-mopey version

I originally wrote this post all mopey and sad.  I was going to write about how we missed the younger two girls.  But, then I remember that is not what we do here at LifeandTimesofaWickedStepMom.  We can be funny, sad, sappy, happy, silly and mean, but never mopey.  So I trashed it.  Your welcome.

* From the back seat, while on the road we here a shout:

The Mother Hen: “DAD!! HELP!!”

Bear: “What’s wrong?!?!”

The Mother Hen: “There is too much room back here.  It feels all empty!”

* For Thanksgiving dinner, we had two different turkeys, prime rib (none for me!), shrimp and scallop kabobs, and the usual fixings.  We had about 1 and a half turkeys left over.  Two different dogs at two different times got into each turkey and ate them.  We knew which ones did it because they had stomach aches for three days.

* Bear’s niece has a set of newborn twins (a boy and a girl).  We got to meet them over the holiday.  While I held them for the first time, I said “We will be just fine, little dudes, as long as you don’t puke on me.”  They stuck thier tongues out at me.  Stinkin’ babies!

* I have yet another sinus infection.  I think I am going to construct a germ free bubble to make it through the rest of the season.  Keep your germs to yourselves and stay out of my bubble.

* Last night, Bear made grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup.  Got to love a man who can make a grilled cheese that is crisped to prefection.  Especially, if he brings it to you on the couch on a try so that you don’t have to move.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Cough, Hack

It’s that time again.  Go see Keely and grab a badge.  Don’t grab mine though.. because I like it and I am not sharing!!

* Last week was parent teacher conferences.  The Mother Hen has a teacher that is highly afraid of germs.  He even wears latex gloves in class so that he does not have to touch his “diseased” students assignments.  Right before I shook his hand, I coughed into my sleeve.  The Mother Hen asked me to do it, but the coughing was actually an accident.  (Asthma strikes again…)  He shook my hand anyway.  The Mother Hen was furious.

* The Show and The Tyrant are staying with their mother this Thanksgiving.  We are still going to head up to Bear’s parents with The Mother Hen.  But, the trip just won’t be the same without someone screaming “She’s touching me!!”  The truth is that they will be dearly missed and we hope they have a wonderful time.

* Bear is making gift giving very difficult this year.  He has been buying presents early and then giving the gifts to them.  He seriously can’t hold on to the gifts for more than a day.  So, I hope the girls like empty boxes of the stuff that they ALREADY opened under the tree.  ::grumble:: I am so hiding presents at someone else’s house.

* To those of you who are on my short list of people who are making me very angry lately, I say this: I have never screwed anyone over who didn’t absolutely beg me to do it.  Stop begging.

* Stay tuned..  my list of things that I am not thankful for are tomorrow.  And Thursday are the things I am truly thankful for.  Enjoy!

Slinging Cookies!

Posted On November 19, 2009

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Last night, I took the Mother Hen with me to sort out cookie dough for the fundraiser for her choir.  I was bouncing around and hustling to get everything done because we were under time pressure.  None of the other moms could keep up with me.

Half way through the night, The Mother Hen stops trying to keep up with me.  “Never helping you again!”  she huffs and puffs.  Finally she sits down and takes a few minutes to catch her breath.  I continue doing my thing, running and jumping around to get things done.  The Mother Hen looks at me, “How are you still running around? I hate you!  I am making Dad come next time!”

All of that exercising has finally paid off…

It’s Official

The scene is the dinner table.  The Tribe is playing a conversation starting game.

The Tyrant: “What’s your favorite song and why?”

The Mother Hen: I bet it’s by Hinder.

The Show: Lips of an Angel!

The Tyrant:  No, it’s Get Stoned.

We are bad parents…  Our 8 year old’s favorite band, is Hinder.


The Tyrant: “Meow.”

The Mother Hen: “Stop it.”

The Tyrant: “Meow.”

The Mother Hen: “Stop it!”

The Show: “Stop!”

The Tyrant: “Meow.”

The Mother Hen: “You know, if you are kitty we will have to get rid of you.  [WickedStepMom] is allergic to cats.”

The Tyrant: “Shows what you know!  I am a robot kitty!  Meow.”

The Show and The Mother Hen: [eye roll]

The Tyrant: “Meow.”

The Mother Hen: “Stop it.”

The Tyrant: “Meow.”

The Mother Hen: “Stop it!”

The Show: “Stop!”

The Tyrant: “Meow….”

The Mother Hen: “Dad, make her stop!  She is giving me a migraine!!”

The Tyrant: “Meow…”

The Mother Hen: “DADDDDD!!!!!”

The Tyrant: “Meow.”


Bear wanted me to share this little tibit  with you…   in our home no one EVER gets those pedestrian “headaches”, we graduate straight to the level of “migraine.”

V is for Very Cold

We watched the series primere of V last night.  Bear and I were very disappointed that there were no lizard babies.  As a matter of fact, the lizard baby was one of the few reasons that he rewatches the original mini-series.

This morning, it was 32 degrees out.  The Mother Hen went off to the bus stop  with no coat, and no socks.  So, I guess we don’t even get the consolation prize of a lizard baby of our very own.

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