Random Tuesday Thoughts: Which way is home?

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, and I have quite a few to share. But I don’t want to spend them all at once.  If you need more randomness, you are just being picky.  Go see Keely, she will straighten you out.  Offer her some Smarties.  The Canadian kind.. not the American kind…  She will like you better.

* As I mentioned before, we moved.  So, you might already know that.  But what you probably don’t know is that this is the very first time that we have all lived together.  All 5 of us, under one roof, for at least part of every week.  I am sure there will be some interesting stories to tell.  I will keep you posted.

* The other night, The Tyrant and I got into a fight over the fact that she was refusing to get dressed.  After about 5 rounds in the ring, she conceded and put on some clothes.  I asked Bear for “a shot of Jack and whatever is on tap.”  He gave me pepper jack cheese and a diet coke…

*I had a lot of help moving.  (Thanks everyone!!)  But my favorite part of the whole ordeal had to be late in the day of the Big Move.  My cousin is driving an SUV, I have my Vue, and Bear is in the U-haul.  I gave my cousin my Garmin to use while we were moving so she would not get lost.  The Show was riding with her on one of the last trips to the new place…  My cell phone rings as I am making the last turn.  Its my cousin’s number so I answer it.

Wicked Step Mom: Hello?

The Show: We turn right on [street name], right?!?! The Garmin just died!!  We are right by [street name] so answer quick!!!

Wicked Step Mom: (while laughing) Yes, turn right….

* The Laundry Fairy visited us on Sunday.  He changed the wash and didn’t tell anyone, so I almost changed it again.  Darn that guy!  (P.S. – It’s my laundry fairy and I am not sharing!)

* Bear’s birthday was Saturday.  We made cupcakes that had little Teddy Graham’s at the Beach.  The Show and The Tyrant came up with this one all by themselves….

Shark Attack!

Shark Attack 2

In case you are wondering, yes that is a graham cracker shark attacking a Teddy Graham.  (I swear, I only told them where the red food coloring was… )

* While moving, my uncle took note of how many books I have and called us a bunch of nerds.  We finally got all the book cases set up (about 5) and we still have books in boxes.  He just shook his head at us.  I was so happy that I could freak him out!

* The Mother Hen has been helping a ton with the move.  As her reward, she wants to have a book case in her room for herself, because she still have 5 boxes of books with no where to put them.  I think we may have to open a library, or a used booked store…


Random Tuesday Thoughts: Better living through chemistry

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts..  Because its Tuesday… and we feel the need to be Random.  I don’t make the rules people, I just follow them.  So, go speak to the Random Tuesday Thoughts Overload Keely if you have any questions…

*L’Oreal Paris has made a new sulfate-freeshampoo. It’s called EverPure.  However, it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate and Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate.  So, if you are as sensitive to sulfo- and sulfa- products as I am, don’t use it.  Otherwise, please enjoy.  Most people that are allergic to sulfates should be okay.  But I am not a doctor, so please don’t take my word for it.

*This allergy season has been particularly bad.  I am not sure if the grass has gotten craftier or if I have become more allergic.  Either way, the doctors have give me some new meds.  I am on like three antihistamines.  I figure I am lucky to be away during the day at all.  Life is passing me by in a lovely fog.

*Speaking of fog…  My brain had a total blank out on the Beautiful Like Me project.  I posted yesterday, but there is still plenty of time.  To learn more go here.

*The move is coming along nicely.  We have most things planned out.  It would be nice though if we could just have all of our stuff teleport to the new place in exactly the right spots.

*Work still has me pretty locked down for blogging.  I am trying to schedule some time in the afternoon to hit all of your sites.  Please bear with me while I get the new schedule sorted out.  I haven’t been able to read and comment as much as I use to.  (Please don’t leave me!)

*I actually have no funny quotes of the week this week.  Not that people didn’t say anything funny, but it wasn’t anything so off the wall that it is worth mentioning.  So, I will leave you with the following:

The Tyrant: [The Show]y, you are a butt puppy….  BUUUUUTTTTTPUUUUPPPPYYYY!

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Celebrities wants your brains…

Its Random Tuesday Thoughts time again.  The day is not random, its the thoughts that are..  Want to know more?  Go see Keely.  She may just show you her teeny Sim, she is most definitely that kind of girl. 😉

* Bear and I have been trying some new fiber bars.  He described the experience as eating a mattress drizzled in chocolate.  The Mother Hen called him a “huge baby.”  I offered him some brocolli and he said he would rather eat mattresses covered in chocolate.  So, I think he will be sticking to them for a while. 

* Bear tends to get salty when I quote him on my blog.  The above commentary is so worth the amount of salt he will display later today.

* I am pretty excited about moving.  One of the many reasons is because we will be a lot closer to Trade Joe’s.  Organic, Sulfate free, cheese ravioli here I come!  I may need to join HASAY just because we are moving.  It will be totally worth it though!

* Favorite quotes of the week:

Wicked Step Mom: Oh [The Show], you are my favorite!!

The Show: I am not taking out the garbage!

*So many celebraties have died lately, I am starting to worry about an epidemic.  We will soon be invaded by zombie celebrities who remake and redo everything that has been done before.  Wait a minute…  that is already happening.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Who Knew?

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, brought to you by The UnMom, the number 4 and the f-word.  Its time again for the weekly mental purge of all the randomness that has been spinning around our heads.  I warn you, things may get a little sticky.

* This is my 201st post.  I had no idea until I clicked on “New Post.”  I am rather shocked I missed it.  For my 100th post, I talked about myself.  For the 200th, I talked about comics.  Was I suppose to do something special?  I mean, once you break through 100 it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore…

* We are still looking for a place to land.  It is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  In my head, we would magically find a place that was perfect for us and all live happily ever after.  I think being a parent has effected my brain because looking at that sentence, I must have been downright delusional.

* Bear got a new game yesterday.  Its called Left 4 Dead. So I went to sleep last night listening to gun shots and zombie’s moaning. I did not sleep at all because of all the nightmares slept like a baby… Thanks, Dear. 

*I haven’t been able to golf so far this year because of my broken foot.  (The Dr said it could take another 6 month – 1 year to heal but may never fully heal.)  On Friday, Bear and the girls took me to mini-golf.  I got two holes-in-one.  We lost 1 golf ball.  We kept holding people up because there were 5 of us. (5 people and mini-golf do not mix well.)  We had no slushy spills.  Over all, it was an awesome trip!  I had so much fun!

* It has become my tradition to post some funny quotes of the week on RTT.  So, here is the quote of the week:

The Tyrant: Stop singing! You are making my ears bleed!

Tactical Warfare

The Tyrant was in an interesting mood the other day.  And The Show was taking the brunt of the abuse.   The Show pulled me aside and said that her sister was being really mean.  We have told her repeatedly to just ignore her sister when she is being that way.  The truth is that The Tyrant is fishing for a reaction from her sisters.  The Show had enough that day and was about to explode at her.  So, instead of yelling, she came to me.  I told her to say “I love you too” whenever her sister was mean to her. 

Sometime Later –

The Tyrant: WickedStepMom, The Show is being mean to me!

Me: How is she being mean, honey?

The Show: All I said was “I love you too!”

Me: How is that mean?

The Tyrant: Well she is saying it too much!

The Mother Hen: I love you, The Show!

The Show: I love you, The Mother Hen!

The Tyrant: (Bursts into tears) Meanies!

Textually Deprived

The Mother Hen: You never text me, Dad always does but you never do!!

WickedStepMom: I text you!  I just didn’t want to bother you in school!

The Mother Hen: (pouting) Sure!  That is what you say now!

** Later **

WickedStepMom: Bear, that little buttdart says that I never text her!  I am going to text her everything, even in we are in the same room!

Bear: Yeah…  That will teach her… (rolling eyes)

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Them’s fighting words!

 It’s Tuesday again. Go see Keely before I kick your butt!!

*Yesterday, after coming home from the doctors, I am told about The Mother Hen’s day.  Apparently, some kid who bragged about spray painting some graffiti on the school building.  They drew a lovely artist rendering of some male parts and some female parts.  Our kid had a problem with this.  So she went and told the principal, along with 6 other kids.  The little virtuoso of spray paint is our for blood and wants to know who did it.  Thank goodness today is the last day of school.

* Bear and I spent a good portion of the morning talking about the stupid reasons that we got into fights over the years.  There is one thing I know for sure, we were pretty dumb and got into too many fights.  I do however have two favorite fight stories.

Mine: When I was in high school some friends and I would get together and play Dungeons & Dragons.  We were sitting around the lunch table talking about our plans for the night when one of our groups girlfriends came up and sat on his lap.  My other two friends at the table were no fan of hers so they kept right on talking as though she was not there.  After a few minutes, she says to her boyfriend, “Can I come?”  My best friend looks at her and says, “Umm.. no thanks we don’t need any excess baggage.”  She looks right at me and says, “What about her?  Why can your little whore come and I can’t?”  I stood up, fast and said “What did you just say to me?”  And she of course says, “Nothing.. tramp.”  So I shoved the table into her.  My best friend grabs my arms and steers me away from her and the table.  My other friend looks at our friend withthe girl on his lap and says, “Dude, you better hope he can talk her down, thank your little VD carrier out of here.”  She broke up with our friend shortly after that.

Bear’s: Some one from Bear’s past came up to him and a few friends  in a bar and threaten to kick his butt over things that occured between them in 7th grade.  Bear didn’t even know who the guy was, and said so.  When the guy informed him, he said “Dude, are you in therapy?  If you are this tramatized from stuff that happened in 7th grade maybe you should be.  I admit, I was a jerk, but if you want to fight, let’s fight.”  The guy backed off and apparentlly said that it was all he needed to hear from him.  They parted as friends.  However, after the guy left, Bear’s table of friends started talking smack about how they were going to kick the guys butt.  They have found some very interesting things in their beer glasses when the guy was standing there.  So Bear says, if you guys want to prove how tough you are, I will go pick a fight at that table over there (the largest meanest looking dudes in the bar).  He gets up  and walks over to the table.  He grins at them and says, “I will buy you guys a round if you pretend that you are pissed off at me and want to start a fight.  I don’t really want to fight but I want to teach my smack talking friends a lesson.”  He buys them a round and they pretend to start arguing.  They go back and fourth for a few minutes and Bear says while point at his table, “If you want some, come over to my table right over there.”  After he comes back to sit down, his friends pay the tab and announce that it is time to go.

* My favorite quote this week was from The Tyrant.  “WSM, she put a toilet in my house on purpose!” (They were playing the Sims but I walked into the room having no idea what was going on.)

* The Show has been getting injured a lot lately.  She just had a growth spurt and is just running into and tripping over everything.  Serves her right for being taller than me now! 😉

*I am feeling better today.  I had to run all over the place yesterday but after chest x-rays and steroids I am feeling better.  I may only be feeling better because I don’t want to go to the doctor again, but I am putting one in the win column and calling it a day.

*I won beer.  And not just any kind of beer.  Bear called it the Holy Grail of Beer.  It’s 14% alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?

Everybody Panic!!

Time Magazine did a great story on the Top 10 Panics.  In honor of their contribution to the world, and as part of this weeks Spin Cycle, I am going to create a list of things for us to panic over in the next year.

1. Global Warming – I know, its real but I don’t think we have had a full on panic about it lately.  I am talking about a whole this tropic storm is caused by global warming and we are all going to die!!

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup– Yeah, its bad for you.  But, I want it to be the cause of the next Zombie Apocalypse.  Should that fail, it should be the cause of the next Children of the Corn invasion!  Being that it is corn, this is probably more likely.

3. Atomic Powered Mars Rovers – These things are really going to tick of the aliens.  When they get mad, well…  its bad for us.  Unless the common cold gets them first.

4. Identity TheftHackers – They are going to steal everyone’s identity and no one will know who anyone is.  We will all have to walk around with name tags.  And since we will not know our own names, we will have to make them up.  So there will be a billion Tom Jones’ running around.

5. Drug in Tap Water – Anti-depressants and mind controlling drugs will be dumped into our tap water.  That way, the government and big business can control us.  They will use TV to control our minds and get us to buy stuff to stimulate the economy.

Around the World in 40 Plates*

Dinner at our house is always an interesting affair.  Between food allergies and picki-ness it is extremely hard to find a meal we all like.  Usually, 4 out of 5 will agree on something.  The 5th one will hate it with such a passion that we don’t have the mean again for a while.

This past weekend, I made my cream of potato soup.  And 4 out of 5 Tribe members approve.  The Tyrant hates potatoes with the fire of a thousand suns.  She won’t eat french fries, tater tots, mashed potatoes, potato skins, or anything remotely related to the potato in any form.  So when I announced my plan for dinner, she was almost in tears.  “Please, do I HAVE TO EAT IT??!?!?!?!?!” she cried.  I made her a deal.  I told her that I would make her whatever she wanted for dinner as long as it was not Honey Buns.  She requested tacos.  So, I made them.  She ate dinner, no body cried and even though I got some odd looks, I would call it a success. 

Earlier this week, we forgot to pull something out to defrost for dinner.  I was desprite and exhausted. So, I pulled this contraption out of the cupboard. 

I started making it when I realized, it had a ton of rice.  The Mother Hen won’t eat rice.  (Long story but she won’t even look at it for too long.)  So, I made her a chicken burger.  (They are kind of like turkey burgers without the nap.)  As, I was cooking, I realized that even though the box advertised 4 servings, we would be lucky if it fed two.  So, I make Mac and Cheese and started warming up some left overs, including taco meat.  Our dinner consisted of a little bit of everything.  Tacos, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Burgers, and Mac & Cheese.  From now on, we are going to make sure that something is pulled out of the freezer.

* – This is the phrase Bear coined for our meal.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Are you serious?

Its Random Tuesday…  Hopefully, by now, you know the drill.  If not, go check out Keely.

  • Actual conversation that took place over the weekend. – 
    Bear: “I am hip, I know your game.”
    The Show: “Dad, the closest thing to hip that you are is breaking one!”
  • Taking the day off from work yesterday seriously messed with my blogging..  Don’t tell my boss! 😉
  • Have you ever noticed that when you are really ready for people to react one way, they do the complete opposite?  I think it is the universe’s way of keeping us on our toes.
  • My foot is getting almost completely back to normal.  So, I am walking at normal pace again, which is as fast as my little legs will carry me.  I find it strange that I missed walking quickly, so much.  I feel like I was moving in slow motion and now I am at regular pace again.  This could be dangerous for little old ladies in the supermarket who liked to run over my foot, in its fracture boot!
  • Mother’s Day is coming up…  and I have been seeing a ton of commercials.  I want to know when it came necessary to buy your mother $300 earrings to show you care.  Not that I don’t think my mom is worth $300 earrings but, it now seems like if you don’t spend all of your pay check, you are a horrible ungrateful child. 
  • Yesterday, I sat down with The Mother Hen to watch TV.  She was watching MTV’s Made.  Never having watched the show, I had no idea what I was getting into.  We were watching an episode where a girl wants to be a cheerleader because her mom was one and her mother doesn’t approve of her shy and individual behaviour. I can honestly say that I never have been more disgusted in my entire life.  I had to leave the room so that I wouldn’t go on an all out rant.  The girl has no self-confidence to speak of and her mother is constantly tearing her down through the first 15 minutes of the show.  I would say the whole show, but I honestly stopped watching. What a lovely message MTV!  – “Change because you will never be good enough as who you are!”  MTV has been once again banned in our house.
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