Wondering on Wednesday: No boys allowed!

Posted On December 9, 2009

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I have heard a lot lately about single sexed education.  They separate the boys and the girls into different classes because boys and girls learn and develop skills differently and at different rates.  The theory is that boys tend to get wrongly diagnosed with ADD and ADHD because teachers are not teaching to that audience. 

What do you think?  Should boys and girls be separated?  Do boys and girls learn at different rates?

Personally, I would like the separation just so that my girls are less distracted by boys…  but that is just me. 🙂

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Invasion of the Gnome Ninjas



Gather ’round boys and girls, its time again for Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Grab a button, and put on some protective padding.  Then go see Keely for more randomness and ninjas.  Trust me, there are there in her post.  They are just using their ninja stealth to hide from the untrained eye…

*Moving has been extremely chaotic.  But, I actually feel like we are finally settling even put some shelves up for me so I could display my various knick-knacks.  He thrives in order, I thrive in chaos…  Its like oil and water.  Only, way more interesting.

* It hs been my habit to post the funny random quote of the week on Tuesdays.  I would hate to disappoint you, so here it is:

“Cheese is so going to kick Jambalaya’s butt!!”

*Lately, the coffee maker timer has been randomly resetting itself to a different time.  Since the coffee maker has never done this before, I have been hunting everywhere to figure out why.  I checked the outlets to make sure that we hadn’t tripped a fuse there.  I checked the breakers to make sure everything was installed correctly.  Everything appears to be fine, but despite this, the coffee maker keeps resetting it’s time.  I chalked it up to Gnome Ninjas sneaking into the kitchen to sabotage my caffeine intake.  This is probably the first clue that I need to lay off the caffeine…  (P.S. Solved the mystery this morning.  The Mother Hen has been unplugging the coffee maker to use the toaster…  The Gnomes made a much better story…)

 *Last summer when we were visiting Bear’s parents, Papa (Bear’s Dad) and The Tyrant went hunting for blueberries.  They were unsuccessful, so Papa got a store bought bag out of the freezer.  He put them in the microwave to defrost them.  Now, The Tyrant won’t eat blueberries unless they are warmed up.  Thanks Papa!!  Guess who has to warm up the blueberries?

*I am a healthy eater by necessity.  The rest of the house is starting to eat healthier now that I am around all the time.  I feel like I am slowing taking over, one meal at a time…

Signs, Signs, Everwhere there’s signs!

We were driving in the car the other day and we saw a sign that said “Signage available.” This started a great debate amoung the tribe. Is signage even a word?

The Tyrant brought up a Spongbob episode where Mr. Krabs says it. The Mother Hen chimes in, “That is a cartoon, so it doesn’t have to use real words and I don’t think it is a real word.” The Show wonders, “But is if is not a real word, why is it on that sign?” Bear rolls his eyes at us, “You guys are crazy… Some body pease save me from this conversation!”

So, when I got home, I went so Wikipedia. And according to them signage, is in fact a real word. Mystery solved!