Wonder on Wednesday: Is there a future for your girls?

Posted On February 3, 2010

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Every single time there is a victory for woman’s equality, I hear about something like this.  Yes, it does in fact state the Miley Cyrus’ little sister is launching a lingerie line for little girls.  My jaw has hit the floor and I am so disgusted as a woman and a mom (err… WickedStepMom).

Good luck to all the organizations like V-day.  As long as females are encouraged to not have any self-worth, there will be violence against females.  It is hard enough to instill self-worth into today’s girls without something like this.

What do you think?  Is there hope for our girls to have a future without having to sell their bodies?

“Choosy Eater”* Recipes

Posted On January 28, 2010

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I have been scoring the internet for recipes that everyone in our house will eat.  This is harder than it sounds because we have a few things that some people just won’t eat. 

1) Onions

2) Potatoes (Yes, I seriously have a child who will not eat potatoes.  This includes fries and chips)

3) Rice

4) Mushrooms

5) Beef (I am allergic, it’s not that I don’t like it. )

Here is the list of things that Kraft recommends.  Only one thing on the list is something that everyone will eat.  So, apparently, they think “choosy” means something different from it does in my house….

Anyone have some good ideas?

*- Apparently, it is no longer politically correct to call them picky…


Posted On January 25, 2010

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Over the past few weeks, we have seen a woman standing on the side of the exit ramp near our house.  She is carrying a sign that says “Husband laid off from the big three.  Small children at home, please help.”  Personally, I have never give her money.  But, I did give her a flyer for the local food bank.  There are so many people laid off, it really is hard to tell if this story is legitamate. 

Now, if I saw this guy…  I would know it is a scam.

World Domination

Posted On January 6, 2010

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The Tyrant and The Show have dreams of being dictators one day.  They have different plans about how they will conquer the world.  They even draw out plans for torture devices so that they can achieve their reign of terror.  (I know, I am demented because I think it is cute.)

When we pass police cars on the side of the road, they will open the car windows and shout “World Domination” before ducking down in the back seat.  It is the one thing that they do together without arguing.  (If you saw how much these two argued, you would realize the magnitude of that statement….)  One of their many schemes involved poisoning drinking water and selling the antidote to people who obeyed them.  Another involved taking over a small country by showing them magic.  I think our house is bug though…  This was latest scheme.  An exercise cult is what they called it but, the idea is the same.  Sorry ladies… I guess this plan will fail.

In our backyard

Posted On December 28, 2009

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By now, I am sure that most of you heard about the attempted terror attack at Detroit Metro Airport.  The last time that plans were used, it was in far off New York.  This time, it happened in our own backyard.  I drive past that airport every day on the way to work.  I remember driving past it in the days that followed Sept 11th.  All of the planes were on the ground and there was no familiar rush of jet engines over head. 

Now, I wonder if that noise of a plane about to land will scare me every time I look up.  I wonder if my children will be afraid to fly.  Then I remember, that is exactly what they want.  They want us scared.  So, I won’t be.  Even if they are in my backyard, I won’t be scared.  We will fight back.

Parenting Blunder # ??

Okay, so I have lost count of the number of parenting mistakes I have made.  But, this is a pretty good one.  At least, it is an amusing one.

The Setup:

Friday night – I found fruit snack wrappers, empty juice boxes and various other food related trash all over the living room. 

Saturday morning – I found pop corn in the basement, left in a bowl on the floor.  I told The Show she could not have food in the basement anymore.

Saturday afternoon – I found popsicle wrappers and fruit snack wrappers on the floor in the living room. I told The Tyrant no more fruit snacks or popsicles in the living room.

The Crime:

Sunday morning – I found popcorn all over the floor and wrapped up in The Show’s blanket, in the basement.

I shouted, “The Show, get down here and clean up your mess now!”

The Show cames downstairs and said something like, “But, but but..”  I used my firm, you are in trouble voice, “I thought I told you no more popcorn in the basement!  I trusted you not to do it.  And you went behind my back”

The Show burst into tears.  “WickedStepMom, I swear after you told me no food in the basement I didn’t have any.  I know that is my blanket but The Mother Hen was down here last night, not me.”

She was right.  She didn’t have food down there and she was only down there for a few minutes.  I am such a jerk…

Wondering on Wednesday: No boys allowed!

Posted On December 9, 2009

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I have heard a lot lately about single sexed education.  They separate the boys and the girls into different classes because boys and girls learn and develop skills differently and at different rates.  The theory is that boys tend to get wrongly diagnosed with ADD and ADHD because teachers are not teaching to that audience. 

What do you think?  Should boys and girls be separated?  Do boys and girls learn at different rates?

Personally, I would like the separation just so that my girls are less distracted by boys…  but that is just me. 🙂


Posted On November 25, 2009

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“The Universe will never give you anything that you can’t handle.”  —

Well, I am feeling ungrateful today, so here are the things I would like to give back to the Universe.

1. Romantic Comedies – I hate these with a passion.  Probably end more so because when I tell people that I don’t like them they always say something like “But you are a girl!”  I know I am a girl.  I still hate these kinds of movies.

2. Rush Hour Traffic – It is always infuriating.  People always get cut off, horns are honked and people are just generally mean and rude.

3. Fat Free Cheese-Its –  I will take all of the fat, thank you.  And the flavor that goes along with it!

4. Sinus Infections –  I have had enough of these lately to last me the rest of my life!  I need a break from them.

5. The Disney Channel – Every child actor on that channel is depicted as a gigantic brat that listens to no one and treats all adults like the scum of the earth.


Posted On November 23, 2009

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I am feeling pretty grumpy and down today.   Since, I am a sharer.  I will share this:


Suddenly, I feel better….

Wondering on Wednesday: Are stepparents real parents?

Posted On November 18, 2009

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Even though Tricia hasn’t written in a very long time, I feel the need to use her Wednesday theme.  I hope that my take on it makes you think as much as she made me think.

Generally speaking, stepparents have few rights.  We can’t take our stepchildren to the doctor without a note from their biological parent.  We can’t sign field trip permission slips.  If the marriage fails, we can’t demand visitation rights. 

I have seen stepparents that don’t even know their stepchildren.  I have seen stepparents who are not allowed to interact with thier stepchildren.  I have also seen children that know their stepparent more than their biological parent.

To me, stepparents are as much of a parent as they are allowed to be.  Its up to the family as a whole to decide what role the stepparent will play.  Each situation is unique and has it own challenges, but I believe that stepparents are real parents if they choose to be and if they are encouraged to be.

What do you think?  Are step-parents real parents?

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