Posted On December 2, 2009

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This year, I am thankful for many things.  I could write a list a mile long.  But, what I am most thankful for is the daughters of my heart.  I may not have given birth to them and they don’t call me mom.  They teach me so many things and help me to grow in so many ways.

Thank you, my beautiful girls.


Posted On November 25, 2009

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“The Universe will never give you anything that you can’t handle.”  —

Well, I am feeling ungrateful today, so here are the things I would like to give back to the Universe.

1. Romantic Comedies – I hate these with a passion.  Probably end more so because when I tell people that I don’t like them they always say something like “But you are a girl!”  I know I am a girl.  I still hate these kinds of movies.

2. Rush Hour Traffic – It is always infuriating.  People always get cut off, horns are honked and people are just generally mean and rude.

3. Fat Free Cheese-Its –  I will take all of the fat, thank you.  And the flavor that goes along with it!

4. Sinus Infections –  I have had enough of these lately to last me the rest of my life!  I need a break from them.

5. The Disney Channel – Every child actor on that channel is depicted as a gigantic brat that listens to no one and treats all adults like the scum of the earth.

Wondering on Wednesday: Are stepparents real parents?

Posted On November 18, 2009

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Even though Tricia hasn’t written in a very long time, I feel the need to use her Wednesday theme.  I hope that my take on it makes you think as much as she made me think.

Generally speaking, stepparents have few rights.  We can’t take our stepchildren to the doctor without a note from their biological parent.  We can’t sign field trip permission slips.  If the marriage fails, we can’t demand visitation rights. 

I have seen stepparents that don’t even know their stepchildren.  I have seen stepparents who are not allowed to interact with thier stepchildren.  I have also seen children that know their stepparent more than their biological parent.

To me, stepparents are as much of a parent as they are allowed to be.  Its up to the family as a whole to decide what role the stepparent will play.  Each situation is unique and has it own challenges, but I believe that stepparents are real parents if they choose to be and if they are encouraged to be.

What do you think?  Are step-parents real parents?

Home Remedies

Posted On November 5, 2009

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I have been extremely sick lately.  One sinus infection after the other.  This has prompted people to give me unsolicited advice on how to better take care of myself.  Here are some of my absolute favorites.

1. Put a large clump of Vicks Vaporub in your mouth and swallow it.  Try to hold it in your throat as long as possible before you let it go all the way down.  I honestly asked if this person was insane.  After all, it says right on the bottle, DO NOT EAT!

2. Drink airbourne whenever you are around people who have colds.  Well, I tried this one and it made me burp.  I still got sick though.

3. I have been told two completely different things on exercising.  Either avoid it all together and do nothing more strenious than getting out of bed to pee.  Or exercise as often as possible to sweat the germs out.  I am too scared to try either of these suggestions.  So, I am staying on my regular schedule.

4. Drink Earl Grey tea.  This made me pee a lot but had no effect on my illness or preventing illnesses.

5. Mix vinegar and salt water and gargle with it daily.  I tried this once too but it was so gross, I almost puked.  So, unless the idea is to puke the germs out, I am not going to try this again.

6. Change your clothes atleast three times a day.  Have your entire household do the same.  I change every day but it creates way too much laundry for 5 people to do it.  And since either Bear and I will be doing the laundry, I don’t see how adding more work will have any effect on me getting sick.


What about you guys?  Any remedies or unsolicited advice you recieved lately that can to share here?

Random Tuesday Thoughts: We have a winner!

It’s Tuesday…  Things have been way too exciting around here.  Go see Keely for less craziness and no dental horror stories.

* I got a text on Sunday from my mom.  My brother is in the hospital.  ICU to be exact.  He has his wisdom teeth extracted about 4 days ago and now has a massive infection that was causing his airway to be closed off.  The intubated him and sent him for emergency surgery to put some drainage tubes into his mouth and neck.  When I went to see him yesterday, I told him that if he wanted to beat Bear at anything, he should have challenged him to ping-pong…

* The Tyrant won the funniest costume contest at a party over the weekend.  She was “Double Trouble”, half angel and half devil.  She didn’t understand why the adults thought it was funny.  I told her that I would remind her of this when she is a mom and then she would understand. 

* Speaking of The Tyrant…  She fell on Halloween.  Hard.  Really Hard.  And scraped knees up really badly.  She wanted to keep Trick-or-Treating.  So, we did.  She was bleeding and she thought it would make her costume look better.  Later, her tights got stuck to her leg because the blood had dried.  Bear and I soaked her leg but ended up having to pull a little bit off.  I asked him to hold her still and I pulled.  She screamed “Ow!!  You jerks!  You could have warned me!” 

* Bear, my Mom and I all helped the girls with their costumes.  Mom teased hair and put leaves in to make the two zombies look like they had crawled out of the ground.  I did make up to make them look dead.  Bear took care of Double Trouble’s make up.  My Dad laughed and took pictures!

Ode to Coffee

(This post is dedicated to the lovely Blissfully Caffeinated and her new addition, Baby Half Caff.)

I have loved coffee for a very long time.  I think it started when my mom would let me share her flavored coffee with her in the winter time when I was a tween.  As a teen, I became a coffee-house regular and an all out junkie. 

I love the smell of fresh ground coffee and love to just smell coffee brewing.  I still drink coffee on cold winter afternoons.  A warm cup of joe will help me get to sleep, if I am having trouble chilling out before bed.  Bear thinks I am nuts because he could not have coffee that late and then go to sleep.

I am not sharing my coffee love with The Mother Hen and The Show.  I don’t think we would survive the hyperness if we let The Tyrant have it just yet.  But, I hope to pass on my love of coffee to all three of them.  Because for me, coffee always smells like home.

About that…

Dear Mom and Dad,

Remember all of those times when I was a teen and you gave me advice that I didn’t follow?  Remember how you always had to pick up the pieces after I went head strong into a situation that you knew would end badly?  Yeah…  Sorry about that.


Your older, wiser, and not listened to by teens daughter

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Wrong Mug!

* The last few days have been exhausting.  All I want to do is sleep.  I really hope I am not getting sick again.  But, if I do, I will make sure that I share my germs with the world, as the world has been kind enough to share its germs with me!

*Teenagers are great…  Now that there are two of them in the house, instead of one, life is nothing but rainbows, puppies and pleasantness.  Oh, who I am kidding?  Anyone know of a good military school?

*I can actually bite down again without crying.  I am pretty excited.  I may even eat something more substantial than pudding today.  Though, I will miss my all pudding diet.  Now, having dessert for dinner can’t be justified to three very observant children… <sigh>

* I grabbed Bear’s mug instead of my own this morning, accidently. I am going to be off for the rest of the day.  Both mugs feature pictures of us with the kids.  I am not a large Irishman…  I am a tiny Mexican/Scot.   My feet are too small to fill his shoes, but apparently, I can steal his mug without having to walk around like a clown.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Fantasy Basketball?!?

Posted On October 13, 2009

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If you don’t know the drill by now, go see Keely so she can beat you into submission.  Then, she can thank you for providing some stress relief.

* I was whined at bullied into asked kindly by my co-workers to play fantasy basketball with them.  I have no idea what I am doing as far as basketball goes.  It actually kind of makes me feel like a girly girl because all I know about the sport is you put a ball in a hoop…

* The Honeymoon is definitely over for Bear and I.  The very first time he cleaned the house, part of me panicked and thought “What the hell did he do to my house?!?!”  In my previous relationships, a guy would never clean the house unless he was hiding something or wanted something.  You know what Bear wanted that day?  A clean house and to give me a break.  Now, when he cleans, I don’t panic but I do say thank you.  He then shrugs and says, “umm.. it’s no big deal.”  Does he have no idea how much of a big deal it is?! 

* Funny Quote of the Week:

“Hehehe…  Daddy’s a girl in this game…”

* Bear has more pieces of bone coming out of his mouth.  I want to ninja into his dentist’s office and put tacks on his dentist’s chair and write “redrum” on her desk.  Then start a hate mail campaign…  Nevermind, I just want to kick her butt!

* My phone started doing this lovely thing over the weekend.  It’s a touch screen and when I touched a letter, the letter above it would get typed.  So, instead of grab some milk please. Bear was getting messages like this: t4qg w0k3 k9po, -p4qw4.  The best part was that I could not recalerbrate it.  My new phone came yesterday, I can text again.  Withdraws have stopped. 🙂

Half-way is for sissys!

Posted On October 7, 2009

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I got to the dentist yesterday, and they took several x-rays.  They poked around my mouth with their tools of torture but couldn’t find anything.  When she tapped on my tooth though, I jumped almost clear off the dentist chair.  So, she decided to do a root canal.  After numbing me up, they started drilling.  When they got it open, she stopped and gasped.  “I am glad you came in today, this is really bad.”, she declared.  So she cleaned it out some and put antibiotics in and a temporary filling.  I am also on oral antibiotics.  So, I called my mom last night and told her what had happened.  She sighs, “You never do anything half-way, do you?”  I smirked, “Well, you always said to do the best that I can….”

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