Random Tuesday Thoughts: Dropping like Flies!!

Bear has been suffering for the last few days for what seems like a sinus infection.  However, I have had way too much fun asking him if he grown a snout yet and if he will start oinking soon.  (If you have no idea why we are finding this hilarious, you have been living under a rock.  And I suggest you stock pile groceries for the next oinking apocalypse.) His doctor is booked solid from the fears of rabid curly tailed cannibalistic viruses being spread, so he is taking a chance and going to the urgent care.  I hope he comes back with both his kidneys.

The Show’s first track meet was yesterday.  We drove to the school to see her.  She was to do the long jump and the 400 meter.  She had severe cramps in her legs so she bowed out at the last minute.  We got her some water, I think she was dehydrated but she still didn’t compete.  While we were watching though, two kids vomited and one kid twisted an ankle.  It was hot and humid and I don’t think the kids have gotten the conditioning that they need. 

The Mother Hen has had a string of bad luck lately.  She has burned herself, cut herself shaving, gotten a splinter, slammed a door on her finger and fell down the stairs.  So, this morning, I told her to be careful and she raised a eyebrow at me.  She told me that she thinks she is cursed.  Cursed, probably not.  Too busy thinking about the boyfriend to pay attention, definitely. 

So far, The Tyrant and I are the only healthy ones.  I am going to encourage her to mock the rest of the them mercilessly.  But, I don’t think she will require much encouragement.  She did help me oink at Bear when he first started showing symptoms.

Hopefully we will all be in one piece by next Tuesday!!


All of my nagging finally paid off…  Steenky Bee posted for Beautiful Like Me.  Stop by and check it out when you have a few minutes.  And don’t forget to work on your post for May 4th – What features/qualities would we like today’s children to see as beautiful?


11 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Dropping like Flies!!”

  1. Life with Kaishon

    Do you think his sinus infection has anything to do with spring and pollen? It has been SO terrible this year. I hope everyone remains injury free for the rest of the week. Good luck : ).

  2. T&T

    great random – I am totally LOL over here

  3. Harriet

    Lots of interesting randoms going on.

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    Sounds like you and the Tyrant are the only ones without drama!
    Need to work on that.. 🙂

  5. Tricia

    I think you’re having way too much fun at the expense of your family…which means you’ve definitely got this mothering thing down to a science :o) Hope the rest of the week goes well.

  6. GreenJello

    Sounds like Mother Hen has the same klutziness gene I have.

  7. Kim

    I fear oinking too….lol

  8. Keely

    “help me oink”. Heh.

  9. Casey

    Wow, they are dropping like flies! You’d better hope the curse doesn’t turn around and get you back for mocking everyone. I’d mock too, it’s almost too easy.

  10. Julie@Momspective

    Oinkling Apocalypse I can get into. This swine flu stuff gives me the willies.

  11. Jenny

    LOL you are so funny! And hopefully you don’t get sick!

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